What is Rhabdomyolysis (Rhabdo) and how can it be prevented?

Rhabdomyolysis or commonly referred to as rhabdo is a rare condition when the muscle breaks down as a result of severe over-training and overwork. When you’re pushing your limitations hard in the gym through high-intensity workouts, crossfits, or high-intensity workout training, you put your body under severe physical stress and deplete your body of vital and essential nutrients. Without proper hydration and we are going to talk more about Rabdo, how to avoid it and what to do if you find it.

Rhabdo is a rare, but notably serious and life-threatening condition, in which muscle death occurs when muscle cells rupture and contaminate blood flow with proteins. Excessive training and strenuous physical exercise can lead to various symptoms such as muscle weakness, pain, dark brown urine and even kidney damage.

Although rabies is rare, it can happen to anyone, and certain groups are at greater risk than others. One group in particular is endurance athletes and those who participate in crossfit or high-intensity effective training protocols.

Patient athletes, triathletes and marathon runners are at higher risk of developing Rabdo due to severe dehydration, malnutrition and over-training. These training protocols require a more robust training schedule, which puts a high demand on the body, especially for elite athletes.

Easy in proper hydration and high training volume, it is important to avoid rhabdo. Getting all out after a training break, or a break, can increase your risk of rabies. It is important to increase the pacing and volume over time.

Among the more common causes that can cause rabies

  • High intensity exercise and overtraining
  • Severe dehydration which can lead to excessive fatigue and rapid muscle breakdown. Your kidneys cannot dispose of waste without proper and adequate fluid intake.
  • Illegal drugs and alcohol can cause your muscle mass to break down and cause blood poisoning.

Although working out can cause severe injuries, Rabdo can cause severe physical pain, which is outside of the normal muscle pain associated with high-intensity training. If your urine is very dark or brown, it may be a sure sign of rhabdomyolysis.

However, the classic results of muscle aches, weakness, and tea-colored urine may be unpredictable and not always present. Elevated creatine kinase level is one of the best symptoms of muscle injury [R].

If you believe you have rhabdomyolysis, you need to be hospitalized. Fluids and electrolytes will help flush toxins from your system through the veins and will be followed by physical therapy and resistance training to improve strength. Contact your doctor immediately if you show any signs of rhabdomyolysis for possible treatment. Listen to your body, if you have severe muscle pain during or after your workout outside of normal exercise, seek treatment for muscle pain.

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