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Testosterone is an essential steroid hormone that stimulates muscle mass and energy development, regulates sexual drive and is responsible for the distribution of body fat. As you grow older, testosterone levels begin to decline, which can have a dramatic effect on your quality of life, leading to symptoms such as chronic fatigue, disruption of the sleep cycle, and impairment of muscle growth. Although there are many prescription drugs and hormone therapies for treating these symptoms, research has shown that certain supplements, or testosterone boosters, can help stimulate and increase testosterone levels naturally.

Testosterone boosters refer to herbs and supplements that help increase the levels of naturally occurring testosterone. Some testosterone-boosting foods can help stimulate and balance hormone levels by increasing testosterone and lowering estrogen, such as oysters, tuna and eggs. Despite the popularity of testosterone boosting supplements, the effectiveness depends on the dose and ingredients. Studies show that not all testosterone boosters are created equally or that they do not produce the same effects as others when starting testosterone production. Evidence shows that the best testosterone boosters include zinc, magnesium, dindolillmethane (DIM), uricoma longifolia (tonkat), horse odor and rodiola rosa.

Testosterone boosters are popular for well-established reasons. A complete and progressive decline in testosterone production occurs approximately 0.4 – 2% per year after age 30. It is estimated that men over the age of 70 will have 35% lower T levels than those over the age of 30-40. Failure to produce adequate testosterone levels contributes to reduced sexual drive, muscle mass loss, and body fat accumulation. Therefore, supplementation with proven testosterone boosters may support testosterone production.

However, not all testosterone boosters are created uniformly and the effectiveness depends on some important factors in the case of supplements: dosage, ingredients and formulations.

Most of the daily testosterone secretion occurs during sleep [R]. Poor sleep quality, lack of REM and decreased sleep duration are associated with decreased testosterone levels. [R]. As a result, if you don’t get enough high-quality sleep, your testosterone production and hormone balance will suffer. Testosterone is important for male sexual behavior and reproduction, as well as the balance of female hormones, but has significant beneficial effects on muscle mass and strength, adiposity, bone density, strength and well-being.

A study conducted by the University of Chicago examines sleep restrictions on testosterone levels in adolescent men. Testosterone levels were tested at different sleep periods (8, 10 and 5 hours) for one week at a time.

Studies have shown that testosterone levels dropped by 10% to 15% during the day when sleep was limited to 5 hours per night. Androgen deficiencies include low energy, decreased libido, poor concentration, and increased sleep, all of which can be due to lack of sleep. [R].

The point is, when you’re looking for a high-quality testosterone booster – make sure it helps you sleep.

The best testosterone boosters will include high-quality sleep ingredients, because again, testosterone is produced when you sleep and T levels increase with better sleep quality. Swolverine’s ZMT contains sleep components such as magnesium glycinate, theanine, tryptophan, valerian root, melatonin and horse odor, it contains powerful testosterone boosters such as deodorant to improve the speed at which you fall asleep and the rate at which your body reaches REM. (DIM), Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat Ali), Ashwagandha and Rhodiola Rosea.

Often you will find supplemental brands using the claim, “Clinically Dodged.” This simply means that the ingredients used in the product create therapeutic benefits according to what scientific research aka clinical studies show. So how do you know if an ingredient has been clinically dosed? Good question. You can see our clinical dosage guide

When you are researching a supplement for a specific use, it is important to buy a product that has the right clinical dose to get any positive benefits for that specific use.

This means that there is no proprietary blend of the best testosterone boosters. A proprietary combination is a combination of elements, but instead of listing the amount of each individual element, the amount of each is not disclosed and only contains a single amount or a total amount of multiple elements. This gives brands the ability to pixie dust particles, which helps them reduce costs and increase their profit margins, leaving you with a volatile consumer product.

How many times have you looked behind a supplement label and missed most of the ingredients? Or maybe the ownership of the product was a mix and it wasn’t entirely clear by telling you how much each ingredient had? Trademarked ingredients or ingredients that do not sound familiar, sometimes it can be an indicator that it is not well researched or proven to help increase testosterone. It certainly depends on your level of experience and knowledge of supplements, vitamins, herbs and nutrition. But what I can say is that we can all agree, if you question it, it may not be a good idea. Be sure to research the ingredients before you buy a product. The Most Popular Ingredients That Prove The Clinical Evidence That Their Efficacy Naturally Increases Testosterone

Zinc, Vitamin D3, Tongat Ali, Magnesium, L-Carnitine, Ginseng, Fenugreek, Horseradish, Epicetchin, Dindolimithane, Rodiola rosa, Vitamin B6.

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Low testosterone levels can severely affect quality of life, slow down sex drive and ruin your hormones. It is important to find a natural testosterone booster that is designed to help increase pregnancy T levels, with proven ingredients that are clinically dosed, with added sleep ingredients to maximize your ability to increase strength and muscle mass. Before you buy a testosterone booster, do your best, pay attention to the label and buy a product with only a dose to help you achieve your goals.

Looking for a high-quality natural testosterone booster?

ZMT of Solverin3 Promotes high quality sleep and naturally increases your body’s ability to stimulate muscle growth by increasing testosterone levels. ZMT3 Made with clinically dosed sleep ingredients such as melatonin, GABA, thenanine, tryptophan, valerian root, magnesium glycinate and potent adaptogenes like horse odor, zinc, rodiola rosa, DIM and tonkat ali. ZMT is the perfect night nectar for comfortable recovery and sleep.

Solverin is a patient athlete and active lifestyle brand. Designed for elite athletes, and strongly-intentioned, our products are designed to stimulate your athletic performance. We Perform When you perform.

We believe that not everyone can just optimize their athletics Performance But their human potential. We believe that we can optimize performance through Clinically proven ingredients with clarity, clinically effective dosage, and evidence-based results. We provide the nutrients you need to strengthen your active lifestyle.


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