The best kale apple salad

Kale is a highly nutritious and delicious vegetable if you know how to prepare it properly. There is nothing worse than eating some hard, tasteless, bitter kale because it has not been properly washed or prepared to make your kale apple salad. That’s why we’ve put together the best kale apple salad recipes for you to try. Whether you’re looking for something simple and delicious to prepare for the week or you’re entertaining guests for dinner, this kale salad recipe is going to be a major part of your routine, just as it is among us! Let’s dig.

Kelle is considered a cruciferous, leafy vegetable and originates from the Brassica family. Tell me !? Okay, let’s break it down further – kale is considered a superfood vegetable because it is rich in nutrients. There are three main types of nails and there are several different varieties you can buy. However, many times this vegetable is not actually used for food and instead, it is used as a garnish. Believe it or not, until 2013, Pizza Hut was the largest buyer of kale in the United States. Caught? They just use it to decorate their salad bars! [R] Kell has become quite popular in the last 5-10 years due to the said benefits, but why Kell is good for you? Find out.

Competitively speaking, kale is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. Although yes, there are many types of kale, finding the type and texture of your palette is definitely one of the most important part of eating this vegetable. If you don’t like it, why eat it? In just one cup, which weighs about 70 grams or more, you are going to take the following vitamins and minerals. [R]

  • Vitamin A: 206% of DV (from beta-carotene)
  • Vitamin K: 684% of DV
  • Vitamin C: 134% of DV
  • Vitamin B6: 9% of DV
  • Manganese: 26% of DV
  • Calcium: 9% of DV
  • Copper: 10% of DV
  • Potassium: 9% of DV
  • Magnesium: 6% of DV

In addition, you are going to take a fair amount of vitamins B1, B2, B3, phosphorus and iron. Talk about a nutritious solid meal. Then, when you add other ingredients to your kale mix, like we gave this kale apple salad recipe that you will learn below, you will really take home those important vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Top shape. Winner!

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One of the most neglected parts of eating kale is the part where you prepare it. Being a cruciferous and leafy green vegetable, you don’t just want to wash it so you remove toxins and bacteria collected from harvesting, transporting and being in the store. You want to cut the stalks so that part of your leaf is left, not the hard part (you can of course put it there, but not many people like it).

After you wash the bananas well, we recommend massaging the raw banana leaves anywhere in 2-4 minutes with a little combination of oil and salt. This will loosen the kelp so that you do not feel like a rabbit while eating it, if you know what we mean. If you plan to add another oil-based dressing later, you can simply massage the nail with water so that you do not over-oil. From here, the next step in the question of how to make kale taste better is to add other ingredients to the bowl so that you can make the best kale salad recipe possible.

Suggested: Green + red powder, 30 servings, natural orange flavor

The best kale apple salad recipe will take about 10 minutes to put together, but after you add all the ingredients in a bowl and top with some dressing, you can go!


  • 500 ounce cup kale leaves (stem removed)
  • 100 g chopped cabbage
  • 6oz chopped brussels sprouts
  • 6 oz broccoli sl
  • 1 cup dried cranberries (or freshly cut grapes)
  • 1 cup finely chopped apples
  • 1/2 cup toasted pumpkin seeds (or blanched nuts)
  • 1 / 2-1 cup Brianna Popcid Dressing


  1. Prune the buds from the stalks
  2. Wash the nails, massage and dry
  3. Wash the cabbage
  4. Wash the Brussels sprouts
  5. Wash the broccoli slugs
  6. Cut the apple into small squares
  7. Dry all the washed ingredients before assembling in a large container
  8. Add dried cranberries, toasted pumpkin seeds, chopped apples and Brianna popcorn dressing to the mixture. Note – You will want to add some dressing at once by stirring the mixture until you reach the desired texture.
  9. We then recommend resting the salad for about 5-10 minutes before serving
  10. Enjoy!

You see, eating bananas doesn’t have to be boring, smooth and you have to feel that you are ‘very healthy’ because a lot of people like it. With a little massage and wash love in the beginning, you can really change the texture and consistency of the nail into a very soft and buttery feel. Add pumpkin seeds and pumpkin seeds and fresh apples and dried cranberries for a little sweetness and you are going to be a favorite of the fans for this next kale apple salad recipe for your next dinner. You are welcome

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