Strange but effective leg day training exercises

If you are looking for more variety to keep things fresh and attractive, you may want to consider Jefferson Squat. Traditionally performed by Strongman athletes, the Jefferson Squat is a unique lower body exercise that can help you increase size and strength. True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing. We’re going to talk more about how to run a Jefferson squat and whether it’s the right exercise for you and your leg day training split.

Jefferson Squat Hall is a composite functional strength training movement, created by circus strongman Charles Jefferson 100 years ago. Like traditional barbell back squats, Jefferson squats help strengthen your posterior chain muscles, including your hamstrings, quads and glutes. However, Jefferson Squat is the ultimate offer of truly unique benefits. Jefferson squat positioning, improving balance and stability, further emphasizes your core. Unlike lifting from a rack, lifting from the floor also changes the mobility of the body and the dynamics of loading.

As with any compound resistance training exercise, when performed for a specified number of reps, you will build up more energy over time. Jefferson squats require a wide range of positions, which stimulates a variety of ancillary muscles compared to a traditional back squat, especially the adductor. Adductors are often overlooked and secondary support muscle use is reduced, which can help increase squat performance and strength. With the unique form of movement and load, you will create more energy overall to increase squat strength.

The primary function of adapters is to provide low stability to the body during daily movement activities such as walking, climbing and squatting. These are especially important when exercising.

Athletes, in particular, rely on these muscle groups to support explosive movements, such as running, jumping, and fast moving from side to side. In addition, attachments provide mobility to the hip joint and strengthening them can reduce the risk of injury.

With more energy comes lean muscle mass increase. Resistance training stimulates the process of muscle protein synthesis, thereby increasing the rate of muscle mass formation and development. As the barbell loads into a unique position, your body will develop more muscle mass, as opposed to just using a single squat form. As explained earlier, this movement also targets different muscle groups, which will support muscle growth.

For Jefferson squats you need to squat the barbell on a multiplaner surface or uneven surface which increases core stability and energy demand compared to front or rear squats. The barbell is lifted from the flu, in a split-position, for which you have to tie your core through movement. For Jefferson squats you need to stabilize your core so that you can prevent your torso from twisting during lifting, thus creating more strength and core stability.

Jefferson squats are commonly used in Strongman training. Strongman athletes move training equipment in a variety of unconventional speed ranges. Jefferson squats are considered an unconventional range of motion.

Jefferson squat set up

  • To get started, take a split position on the barbell with a light but easily manageable load to get started.
  • Keeping your front legs in front, make sure your back legs are at a 90 degree angle with a wide position.
  • Make sure your shoulders are square when you hold the barbell with the over-under grip


  • Take a breath, close your core, and keep the weight straight by keeping your back straight, and hold the trunk behind you, pushing evenly through your legs, avoiding any twists.
  • Reverse the movement after you complete the scheduled reps on one side. Change your grip and change the position of your feet and repeat the same number in the opposite direction

While barbell straddling may seem strange in split-stance, Powerlifter and Strongman may benefit from including Jefferson Squat in their training protocol. However, going to the gym in general and athletes can get the same benefits with other similar movements like front squats, sumo squats or barbell back squats without awkwardness. But if you are looking for a new movement to add to your training protocol that will build your core strength, stability, connectivity and add some lower-body strength try Jefferson Squat.

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