How to perform lateral lifting with perfect form

When it comes to building your shoulders, here are a few key exercises to keep in mind. Lateral lifting is one of the most popular shoulder exercises, due to its proven effectiveness in developing lean muscle mass and strength. Designed to stimulate the middle head of the deltoid, the lateral augmentation is an strength training movement that can separate your shoulders for a precise body structure.

Lateral augmentation is a shoulder exercise that stimulates and compresses the nostrils, as well as the medial deltoid. Combined with other deltoid exercises, such as the back delta or shoulder exercises such as push presses, and front rise lateral rise, can be a great accessory lift to help develop the forward and lateral deltoid in your training split.

Lateral growth targets anterior and lateral deltoids. When your position changes (i.e., bending, side bending, etc.) you will include additional muscle groups such as the trapezius and rhomboid as well as the core muscles. Lateral augmentation also acts on stabilizer muscles such as the erector spine, triceps, adductor magnus, and wrist extensors.

Lateral lateral lifting, includes dumbbells, which will help to create improved and improved core stability and strength. By employing more stability from your core, you will develop more strength, balance and better coordination. Overall it will help to improve the quality of life with better functional movement, posture and balance.

If the goal is to create a larger, better defined shoulder, then a lateral increase in your training splits must be done with shoulder exercises. Lateral elevation specifically separates the anterior and lateral deltoids, which will contribute to the development of this shoulder portion. Combined with other proven shoulder exercises, you will be able to build a more defined body.

With any resistance training / strength movement, you will build more effective physical strength. Your shoulders are important for almost all compound movements, which require better mobility, core stability and strength. With increased shoulder strength you will also increase athletic performance to support your goals and endeavors.

There are many variations of lateral growth. Traditionally performed with a dumbbell or a wire pulley in a standing position, you can also perform lateral lifting in a bent position, sitting, side bending, or sitting / bending position. Each variation deltoid will work but may include slightly different muscle groups.

  • Hold a pair of dumbbells and straighten your core and stand up straight.
  • Place the dumbbells at arm’s length with the palms of your hands facing your body
  • While maintaining a tight core, lift the dumbbells to your side, with a slight bend at your elbows and place your hands slightly forward as if you were pouring water into a glass.
  • Keep raising your arms until they are parallel to the floor.
  • As soon as you get up, exhale and take a break.
  • Lower the dumbbells to the starting position as you breathe
  • Repeat.

Here takeaway, lateral augmentation is a highly effective ancillary strength training movement. It can support a better rounded body, as well as develop more muscle size and strength. Add this exercise to your upper body training division to improve performance and build bigger shoulders.

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