How to do Handstand Push-ups (HSPU) with 4 easy steps

There is always a movement, or in my case Several Movement, which is extremely challenging and which requires more time, effort and consistent work and becomes proficient in it. Handstand push-ups are one of the best basic strength movements that will create more functional strength and core stability that could translate into other movements, such as hand-stand walks and overhead or press movements. We are going to talk about the basics and how the handstand is known as push-up or HSPU.

Handstand push-up (HSPU) is an advanced functional energy movement that stimulates and emphasizes your shoulder and midline / core stability. HSPU is done by kicking yourself against a wall in an inverted position and performing a push movement, lowering yourself and head down near the floor, then pushing back using the strength of your shoulders and core stability. Movements are performed using your own body weight and are often found in effective training, gymnastics, or body weight training methods.

Handstand push-ups can greatly benefit your upper body strength in your shoulders, triceps and core. As for the pressing movement, the HSPU has many of the same power advantages as the overhead press or military press, with the primary focus on pushing or pushing your shoulders.

Another advantage of HSPU is the core durability and power. HSPU focuses on the core to stabilize your body while in the inverted position, emphasizing your midline bracing and therefore developing better stability and strength. HSPU is a form of calisthenic, so it needs proper balance and stability. Large, heavy barbell movements as well as a strong core are needed to protect your body from injury and maintain proper posture.

Before learning how to do a handstand push-up, you must know that this movement requires a lot of shoulder strength. Therefore, it will be important to learn the right progression to build core strength and stability before mastering a rigid handstand push-up.

  • Place your hands 6-12 inches away from the wall facing the wall, slightly wider than shoulder width. Make sure the palm of your hand is facing forward and slightly turned 10-15 degrees.
  • Kick a handstand with your heel against the wall.
  • Once you turn around, keep yourself steady, maintain control, and bind your core.
  • While maintaining this position, draw your hips and take a deep breath, tighten your core and keep your elbows at a 45 degree angle, bending yourself until the top of your head touches the ground.
  • Tighten your core, hold your breath and keep your posture well by pushing your hands on the floor and push yourself to the starting position again.

HSPU is an advanced movement. This requires a great deal of shoulder strength and core stability. If you can practice some basic progression movements when you first start, you will be able to develop and build the basic strength needed to perform a rigid HSPU.

At a slow controlled pace, the negatives can only be considered as a representative performance of the movement. All you have to do is kick yourself in the starting position. Bend yourself at a slow controlled tempo, until your head touches the ground, then start again by kicking the wall. This will help you to be comfortable in the opposite position as well as create more strength in your shoulders.

Handstands sound just like that. Move yourself to the starting position and hold yourself in that position for 30 seconds to one minute at a time. Do this for 5-10 repetitions. This will help you establish a good kick up, hand position and strength on your core and shoulders.

Wall walk crossfit is a commonly practiced and programmed movement. Lie on the floor with both hands on your side, push up in the push-up position, and start by placing one foot on the wall, and “walk” on the wall, with your whole hand walking close to the wall, as you go further up. When you reach the top of the movement and you flip over to the handstand push-up position, move your hands in front of you and under the wall of the foot, until your chest hits the ground, returning to the starting position.

Z Press is a simple exercise used in high-intensity functional training to focus on your shoulders, hips, and core to create more strength for overhead movement and mobility. The jade press starts with the weight on the front rack position, the elbows pointing forward and the legs together. Press the weight vertically with a neutral wrist to the completely locked out position of the overhead. The shoulder should be actively shaken into the ear with the wrist piled straight up. Slowly lower the weight to the front rack position and repeat. You can incorporate these into your warm-up routine on the days when the push press program is done.

HSPU is a useful and effective basic strength training movement. It can help you develop higher upper body strength and core stability, which can translate into daily activities, and improve mobility, play with your kids, grab groceries, and improve athletic performance.

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