Benefits and how to hack squats with perfect form

If you are looking for more gains, bigger glutes and a stronger lower body, you may want to consider adding hack squats to your workout routine. A machine-based exercise, hack squats can stimulate your quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves and help improve your traditional back squat form.

Hack squat is a composite energy movement and squat variation. However, instead of using free weights, hack squats are a machine-based exercise. Hack squats are an excellent supportive movement that can help develop a better squat form and increase strength. A hack squat machine works like a traditional barbell back squat, though with a few variations. The hack squat is located at a 45-degree angle, providing for a more controlled movement, keeping less physical demands on your joints and providing a deeper range of motion. The range of motion is a key contributor to muscle growth; Therefore, hack squats can help you gain more strength and gain more lean muscle mass at a controlled and steady pace.

Hack squats work on the muscles of the posterior chain. These muscles include the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteus maximus, and gastrocnemius. Hack squats work on a number of stable muscles and joints as well as the core.

Hack squats, like other machine-based exercises, can help you gain big gains by building strength and lean muscle. Hack squats are a controlled movement, maintaining a certain form. This will help you push a heavier load without having to worry about getting out of pocket position with a traditional barbell back squat. This will help you achieve a deeper range of motion, including lean muscle mass growth, with heavier loads.

The form is complex and the movement is complex with heavy loads. An advantage of hack squats is controlled and steady movement. Hack squats align your joints and keep each muscle group engaged throughout the movement, which will help you in effective strength training movements, such as back squats or front squats. As a supplementary leg exercise, hack squats can help you develop better form, increasing performance.

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Since the hack works on a steady plane, it can help you achieve a deeper range of motion, thus contributing to the movement of the buttocks and ankles. Improved mobility will be responsible for increased core stability, strength and improved coordination. The hack will also benefit greatly from the squat posture, as it follows a functional form in movement.

  • Load the machine with your desired weight
  • Go to the platform and keep your toes slightly pointing shoulder width apart.
  • Hold your shoulders firmly under the pads, retract your scapula, and grip the bars.
  • Keep your back on the pad and always keep the head up
  • Inhale, close your core, and close the safety bars on the machine
  • Keep your legs straight without locking your knees
  • Lean down slightly below the 90 degree angle, parallel to the bottom, keeping your form and movement smooth.
  • Start lifting and pushing the machine up with your heels and exhale.
  • Stretch your knees and buttocks completely
  • Repeat for the desired number of reps

Hack squats can serve as an integral part and exercise your lower body training protocol. Hack squats target your quadriceps and glutes, which can help you build more lean muscle mass and strength. When loading a heavy barbell for dynamic lifts like traditional barbell back squats or front squats it will train your body to work at a certain plane of motion, to achieve good functional movement and form.

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