An accessory movement to create strong shoulders

If you want to add more variety to your upper body or shoulder training division of the day, the Landmine Press is an effective exercise to help build strong shoulders. With a barbell on the floor, the landmine press can be exceptionally useful for those who want to isolate deltoids for a full range of slow steady compression and motion.

Landmine Press is a diversified overhead press variety. Traditionally executed as a single arm movement, both hands can also be used during the press. The landmine press is characterized by a barbell with one end pressed to the ground and the other end pressed against the head. This can cause less physical strain on your shoulders as the barbell helps lift, as opposed to heavy loads like the overhead press freely pressing on the head.

The muscles that work with the landmine press are primarily the deltoid, secondary muscles, and the stabilizer, including the abdomen, adductor, triceps, pecs, and core.

Landmine press can be extremely helpful in creating more lean muscle mass and strength in the shoulder. Considering its full range of motion, the landmine press puts significantly less physical pressure on your shoulder joints, as opposed to heavy load overhead movements. As the ancillary strength training movement, working on the landmine press in your resistance training program will develop more size and strength. The press also takes a curved path, which puts less pressure on your shoulders.

There are several variations of the Landmine Press and it can be performed unilaterally, bilaterally, kneeling or standing. In each case, the core (abdominal, oblique, and erector) is heavily activated to perform the overhead movement and stabilize the body to ensure proper form and execution. Good core stability and strength carry all types of resistance training movements you perform, as well as functional movements, support for daily activities, and overall movement types.

Shoulder mobility is important in effective training programs and for developing more lean muscle mass.

Shoulder mobility is crucial for keeping your joints healthy and for full speed during lifting. Most of us are not professional athletes, and either sitting at a desk all day or doing horrible poses while sitting in a shoulder position rolling forward, your joints become stiff, causing pain in the neck and shoulders. Less than perfect joint mobility, jumping in heavy snatching and overhead squats can lead to injury very quickly.

The fact of the matter is that if your shoulder mobility sucks, your workouts may not be optimized for their full potential. Landmine presses can benefit shoulder mobility, leaving less physical strain and improving range of motion for larger and heavier barbell lifts.

  • To get to the starting position, you need to deadlift the barbell with both hands and position with one hand to start.
  • Stand tall, legs shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent
  • With your thumb wrapped around the bar and using the palm of your hand under the bar with a full grip, use your chest, shoulders to push the bar away while you have your core bracket.
  • Your shoulder blades should be pushed away from your body and prolonged at the bizarre stage of the pressure movement
  • Pause at the top of the elevator, then compress your muscles to the focal point as you lower the barbell to the starting position.

The Landmine Press is an effective ancillary strength training movement. Although you can’t load a barbell with a heavy load, the full range of volume and speed makes the Landmine Press an effective shoulder exercise, to create more effective strength and mobility.

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