6 Best Overhead Press Variations Crush Your Upper Body Structure

There are a ton of exercise variations to choose from when it comes to the shoulders. Overhead presses are one of the best and most effective shoulder exercises to build lean muscle mass and strength. Still, with so many options, which shoulder overhead press variant is best for your training program and to get you closer to your goal?

An overhead press is a strength training movement that puts the load with your hand in a pronounced position (front of the palate) or under a barbell, dumbbell, or kettlebell. The weight is then pressed overhead from your collarbone and locked out. The overhead press has many nicknames and is also referred to as military press, shoulder press, strict press and standing push press.

The overhead press is a functional composite movement. Compound movement, employing multiple muscle groups, stabilizes muscles and joints, all within the same movement pattern, which can improve mobility, core stability, and balance. As one of the most effective upper body effective training movements, the overhead press stimulates the anterior and middle deltoids, trapezius, upper chest and triceps. This movement can help create more effective strength and mobility, which can greatly benefit and enhance complex Olympic movements such as snatch, clean and jerk, and power clean. If you can master the overhead press, you will add more energy and strength to the overall athletic performance.

With any one of these overhead press variations, you can choose from a variety of variables such as tempo, intensity, position (sitting or standing), single arm, dual, pause rips, etc. The possibilities are endless and there is no right or wrong. Variety, as long as you run the right and correct form across your movements.

The most common overhead movement is overhead, military or hard press. This movement is performed standing up, traditionally performed with a barbell and is extremely effective in increasing lean muscle mass, strength and power.

Contrary to popular belief, behind the neck overhead press, safe and effective. This overhead press variation significantly pushes the load overhead with precision of core strength and durability, as well as lower back and trunk durability. If you have good shoulder mobility, the back of the neck press is a great overhead press variation to create more strength and shape.

Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press is a simple and effective exercise that trains your shoulders for more strength and power. EMG studies have shown that dumbbells stimulate the deltoids while standing or sitting, as opposed to using barbells. [R]. Adding seated dumbbells or standing dumbbell shoulder presses on your upper body training day will improve lean muscle mass and strength.

Yes, bodybuilding icon Arnold Schwarzenegger created Arnold Press. In Attempts to stimulate the forward deltoid more effectively during overhead pressing Schwarzenegger found that he was able to develop more engagement and muscle by turning the palm of his hand toward his chin while he was at a low position in the exercise. Arnold Press is one of the best overhead press variants for muscle growth and development.

Jade Press was invented by the Lithuanian powerful Jedrunus Savicus (Big Z), hence the name Jade Press. The jade press is similar to other overhead pressing movements, yet is fairly tougher and slightly more efficient than a normal standing shoulder strain. The Z press is performed as an accessory movement, from the sitting position, therefore, you will not have the same power and drive as you would in a permanent overhead press. The jade press is an asymmetrical single-arm movement, traditionally performed with a kettlebell, which emphasizes the stability of your core and spine.

The push press is a prerequisite for the military press aka strict press, but unlike using your delta and upper body rigidly, you can use your legs and core to push faster. Push presses use the whole body to move weights in an overhead movement from the shoulder at a fast, efficient pace. Push presses use the legs, core and upper body to move the weight to the overhead position. Although the leg is required to bend for the push press movement, there are straight legs, straight arms to end the movement and the weight will be overhead in the complete lockout position.

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