5 Benefits of Mastering Keeping Pool Up

You know that when you look at cross fitters you see them pulling up keeping. While it’s fairly common for some to head out on social media for not being ‘real pull-ups’ or ‘cheating’ for keeping pull-ups and other CF pull-up variations, the good news is, they’re not cheating and they’re actually pull-ups. Completely own classification. If you’re struggling with your keeping pool ups, you’re in for a treat – we’ll break down what exactly they are, what the benefits are and how to do them so you can master the movement in no time.

Keeping pool ups is a crossfit movement that not only allows an athlete to build strength but also to increase endurance to truly represent movement in a matcon or competition. Keeping pull-ups are not rigid pull-ups and cannot actually be categorized due to the arch / hollow movement that helps a successful rep to climb above the chin and above the bar. Believe it or not, keeping pool picks requires a bit of skill, but we’ll get into that later.

Improving your conditioning and overall fitness has always been the goal of CrossFit whether you are training to have fun with some friends on Saturday or pursuing your ambition to be the most fit in the world. By developing your conditioner you are not only getting better at keeping pull ups but you are encouraging your body to grow new muscles, even to overcome muscle imbalances, to stabilize your joints, to improve coordination, mobility, posture and even your peripheral skills. All of these developmental components contribute to your overall performance and help you become a better, healthier, more capable athlete, both inside and outside the gym.

Having strong grip strength on both hands and wrists is extremely important for hitting around a lot of weight in the box. Obviously if you can hold the weight better you will be able to lift more weight, but in the case of keeping pull-ups, quality grip strength allows you to complete more repetitions by working seamlessly towards your total set count. A tight grip with both pulling and pushing movements of keeping pull-ups contributes to your success. Grip will be a limiting factor for the performance of many, not just in this movement.

Pull ups are a fundamental movement for building gymnastic skills in the sport of crossfit. Whether you are pulling up your keeping, bar muscle up, ring muscle up, or otherwise, more advanced body weight movements lead to higher development of muscle, endurance, and efficiency. By mastering the keeping pool, you will not only be able to crush the WOD but you will also be able to move efficiently in large movements like BMU, RMU, and even a hand stand walk.

With a little mention of the grip strength advantage of keeping pull-ups, training your endurance is going to be another advantage of working in this movement. The better your movement, grip, and overall muscle development, the more time you will be able to hold that bar and repeat the movement.

Keeping pull-ups work on the same muscles as traditional or stiff pull-ups but work a little differently due to the swinging motion of the movement (arch / hollow). You can expect to see muscle strength and development from the arms, arms, biceps to the bars, and the muscles of the scapular stabilizers, as well as the lattice and back muscles that contribute to the vertical pull of keeping pull-ups. Which keeps the shoulder in the correct position. Before going to the bar for a keeping motion, it is important to make sure that your muscles are properly developed to avoid injury.

Incorporating keeping pool ups into your training routine will not only make you a better athlete but will also set you up for success when using keeping pool ups as a gymnastic progression in other, more difficult, gymnastic movements.

  • You may or may not have hand grips for movement, so grab them if you need to.
  • You want to find a high bar that can hang with full clearance of the floor.
  • You will want to climb the bar with your arms shoulder width apart.
  • The movement begins by starting the KIP at the arch position. Move your head with your arms, holding the lath and shoulder blades together so that you can move your head forward.
  • Once you reach the top of the arch, start pushing the bar away from you as you move into the hollow position of the keeper.
  • From here, you will want to push the bar downwards, pull yourself upwards and generate your energy backwards and upwards and place your chin on top of the bar and complete replication.
  • Once the chin is up and up, push the bar away from you as you descend and repeat the movement in the arched, hollow, pull-up position.

While keeping pool ups are not quite the traditional pull ups, they do have time, space and purpose. They can bring a variety of benefits to the training and performance of an athlete, especially in crossfit. When you practice these you will not only gain endurance, grip strength, muscle strength and overall coordination, but you will also be able to advance yourself in a more technical body weight gymnastics movement.

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